When the creator made us with two ears and one mouth, it was clear that we were meant to listen more and speak less. At Adclan, we do just that. We listen and listen and listen to our clients before opening our mouth. But here, since it’s just us, we are forced to have a monologue:

We are a clan of communication design and media professionals. In other words we are creative brand consultancy that extends its competency to media strategy too. We cater to media buying needs with an eye on economy and effectiveness. We at Adclan aim to provide a holistic, effective and customised experience to our clients. We are able to achieve this through our collective experience of over 70 years and counting. We focus on bringing out new shades in the branding and media strategy segments by using our diverse skill set in strategy, creativity and data analytics. We are based out of New Delhi with a pan India reach.